Meeting with the Deputy Minister of Rural Development Mr. Shrekas Konstantinos
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The meeting was organized by AS AIGES VINE PRODUCTION with President Koussis Athanasios. The meeting was attended by Mr. Stamenitis Dionysios Pella MP, Mr. Stogiannidis Ioannis Economist, Mr. Batsios Basilios President of Lakkas Agricultural Cooperative and Mr. Natsios George President of SPEKO from Vrontou Pieria. Issues related to insurance and tax matters were discussed during the meeting, with particular emphasis on the cultivation of grapes. Also, issues related to development programs and in particular the improvement plan, measure 9 and proposals for the new CFP. Finally, special emphasis was put on proposals related to the amendment of the ELGA Regulation and the payment of advances to the affected areas of the Pella Prefecture. Stratako George on technical details and institutional issues of producer organizations.